iSpeak Talking Calendar is the first and only smart Google & Apple Calendar alarm bot that reminds you out loud what to do, in human language, throughout the day.

Hear Your Schedule Notifications in AI Speaking Voices.


Set iSpeak Calendar to remind you as frequently as you want. Also, let it remind you at the right moments, before and optionally even after the event is scheduled to occur.

Get Your Day Together

You and your family will not miss important events, meetings, or classes again. You will hear the reminders out loud, without having to look at your phones or screens.

No More Meaningless Alerts

iSpeak Calendar will remind you exactly what you need to hear at the right time. You can personalize the notification messages and select from over a dozen voices in many accents.

Easy and Safe: iSpeak Calendar notifies you the events on your calendar without overwriting, storing your data, or violating your privacy, ever.

Download iSpeak Calendar App for Mac OS

Make your Mac SPEAK your calendar's alert messages out loud.

"iSpeak Talking Calendar is a lifesaver! I LOVE THIS APP!!! It feels like a really cool personal assistant who audibly reminds me and my kids to do things in our Google Calendar at the right time. Our kids are doing so much better in their virtual schooling, and I can guarantee my presence in the meetings I have to attend. Our days have been a lot smoother, more organized, and more relaxed."

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